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Pizza is the most loved fast food of all. Pizza boxes are used to not only present the pizza but also to keep it hot. The pizza box prevents the taste of freshly made pizza from getting disturbed. The custom printed boxes allow your restaurant or café to get instant recognition and fame. Boxo Packaging offers custom pizza boxes that allow you to deliver hot and steaming pizza in an efficient manner. We use high-quality cardboard material for the cardboard boxes. We also offer custom printing and enable you to design your pizza box with trendy graphics and colorful artwork. We provide pizza boxes in bulk which reduces the cost of custom packaging significantly.  

The Classic and Incredible Pizza Boxes

People have always loved devouring creamy and cheesy pizzas. If one has to pick one food that is unanimously famous all over the world and loved by thousands of people, then it would have to be ‘pizza’. This cheesy and savory food item is a combination of everything from dough, meat chunks, cheese, and creamy toppings. A flat square-shaped pizza box is the trademark style of pizza delivery for homes and offices.  

Boxo Packaging offers pizza boxes that are bound to be as popular as the pizzas themselves. These boxes serve many key features like keeping the freshly baked pizza oven hot, and secondly to promote your pizza business. A pizza box is essential to represent the exclusive taste necessary to stimulate the taste buds of potential customers.

Customizations That Win Hearts

Boxo Packaging offers you a complete range of stylish and alluring custom pizza boxes that can be designed in numerous kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs according to your marketing strategy. We know that there is already tough competition in pizza delivery and so have to offer purposeful custom boxes that not only fulfill the requirement of our clients but increase their customer base. We have an amazing team of expert designers who strive to provide new and distinctive designs in custom packaging boxes which are necessary to increase visual appeal and sales.  

We have the resources and ability to provide you with pizza packaging that can be designed with fascinating themes, funky taglines, vibrant color schemes, and captivating artwork that will leave the customers in awe. We have the latest digital and offset printing method that authenticates the pizza box according to different colors as pizzas come in a wide range of exquisite flavors. You may also love our food boxes.  

We offer numerous finishing choices for designing the boxes such as Gloss UV, Matte UV, Semi-Gloss Aqueous, and Spot UV coatings. Some of the other valuable features that can be added are Gold/Silver Foiling, Die Cut Out, Raised Ink, and Debossing/Embossing. You can also add important information to your personalized pizza boxes such as flavor, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

Utilization of Sturdy and Durable Material

We use cardboard material to develop the cardboard pizza boxes according to the size, shape, and dimension required by you. The stock cardboard material is flexible in design, sturdy, durable, and most importantly help to retain the freshness, warmth, and taste of pizza. We make sure to utilize recyclable materials, and you can take part in the cause of protecting nature. We furnish you with 100% eco-friendly and recyclable pizza packaging material that does not add to your carbon footprint.

Our 5-Step Order Process

  • Order

    You can place the custom order directly through our website.

  • Design

    Please choose from our portfolio of custom designs or provide a certain layout, pattern, logo, or artwork.

  • Approve

    You will get an email as a confirmation once you finalize the custom design.

  • Production

    Our team will develop the custom boxes tailor-made to your exclusive designs

  • Delivery

    You will get the order delivered within two weeks after your confirmation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom packaging can offer several benefits, including increased brand recognition, enhanced product protection , and improved customer experience. Custom packaging can also help differentiate a product from competitors and communicate specific messages to the consumer.
Corrugated packaging is made from a combination of flat liner board and fluted corrugated medium to create a lightweight yet strong material suitable for shipping boxes and another protective packaging. Cardboard is a heavier and thicker material than corruga
Sustainable packaging is packaging that has a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional packaging methods. This can include using materials that are biodegradable or recyclable, reducing the amount of packaging used, or implementing more efficient manufacturing processes.
Packaging designed for e-commerce should be durable, lightweight, and easy to open. It should also be able to withstand the rigors of transportation and protect the product inside. Additionally, e-commerce packaging can be designed to include branding and marketing messages to enhance the customer experience.
The cost of custom packaging can vary depending on several factors, including the type of material used, the size and shape of the packaging, and the printing and finishing options selected. However, custom packaging can be cost -effective in the long run as it can reduce waste and increase brand recognition.
Packaging can contribute to branding by using colors, logos, and other design elements that are consistent with a company's brand identity. Packaging can also communicate product information and values to the consumer, creating a memorable and positive experience that reinforces brand loyalty.

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