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We offer our clients a plethora of customization options in order to give them greater control over the appearance and packaging of their products. Since CBD is a rapidly growing market, we have designed unique and impressive CBD packaging boxes be it for gummies, CBD oil, or any other CBD product. Keep reading and exploring in order to get a thorough insight of Boxo Packaging’s phenomenal and eye-catching packaging boxes.

Design Custom CBD Packaging With Boxo

Boxo Packaging offers its customers a delicate balance between quality, impressiveness, and cost. We are one of the U.S’ leading cbd packaging wholesale companies with millions of satisfied customers. Get your custom CBD packaging delivered at your doorsteps that is a perfect blend of texture, glossiness, and enchanting designs. Provide your customers a unique experience through our vast variety of custom printed CBD boxes.  Choose your material from cardboard, corrugated, cardstock, eco-friendly craft, and many more diverse options of CBD box materials. Besides, we offer a coating that soothes customers’ eyes by pleasing their senses through embossing, debossing, foiling, and many more adds-on that set your product apart in the retail market.

Choose Your Personalized Material

As long as the material is concerned, Boxo Packaging offers a diverse range of materials in order to allow our clients to customize their boxes to every edge and corner. Our high-quality boxes will exhibit your cannabidiol packaging products in an outstanding, impressive, and adorable manner, giving you a competitive advantage in the retail boxes market. We offer the following material for your custom CBD packaging:

  • Kraft Packaging
  • Cardstock Packaging
  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Bux Board Boxes
  • Cardboard Boxes


Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Kraft: Why Is It Necessary?

Brown Kraft packaging is 100% recyclable material. Eco-friendly Kraft material is gentle with the environment while at the same time ensuring the safety and protection of your product. We are aware of the threats that climate change is posing to the whole world. For U.S citizens, using sustainable material, which does not contain any hazardous material, has become a foremost priority. As a result, there is a growing trend of ethical consumerism among the people of the U.S. that emphasize eco-friendly products that are biodegradable and sustainable. Kraft Paper is the best choice for custom printed cbd boxes.

Cardstock CBD Boxes: The Matchless Texture

Cardstock material is a combination of softwood and hardwood fibers. Hardwood gives proper paper formation while Softwood provides strength. When it comes to the presentation of your product, cardstock CBD packaging boxes are unique material, thus, widely used in the retail market of the U.S. Cardstock is so flexible and adjustable that it can take any shape and size with astonishing ease. The texture of this material gives a vintage feeling to the customer, forcing them to consider buying your product from the plethora of options present in the retail market.

Corrugated Packaging: Perfect For Rigidity & Strength

Corrugated fiberboard material is made up of three layers. There is a sandwich of ruffle and fluted material. Its durability increases because of outer and inner cardboard layers. If our clients are concerned about the possible mechanical damage that their products may encounter during manufacturing, distribution, and storage, we offer the corrugated cardboard CBD material that is an example of strength and protection. Its series of shock-absorbing ridges give added safety to your products.

Bux Board Boxes: Durable & Secure for Heavy Items

Bux Board material is manufactured with corrugated paper stock. This material is most popular in retail product packaging. Its sturdy material with a balanced blend of colors and designs makes it an adorable match for your custom printed CBD boxes. One of the most notable features of bux board boxes is the fact that they are made from eco-friendly and sustainable material to ensure maximum environmental protection and customer satisfaction.

Cardboard CBD Boxes: An Emblem of Quality And Cost

Since our inventory of materials is so diverse and unique, we also offer cardboard material that is most widely used around the world for custom cbd box packaging. Apart from providing impressive design, texture, and style to your product, it is also gentle with the environment as it is eco-friendly and sustainable than any other material. Boxo Packaging is a custom cbd boxes wholesale supplier with the best quality cardboard CBD boxes at a very affordable and reasonable cost, making this option an irresistible option for our majority of clients.

CBDBoxes-catagory.png (1318×400)

Best Coating Options For Packaging

In addition to choosing a quality material, it is also essential that all businesses and entrepreneurs must also choose their box coating very carefully. It is because of this reason that a dull and boring look would reduce the overall appeal of your product to customers. Boxo Packaging not only offers custom cbd boxes with logo you can also get the following coating options.

Matte Coating: Get a Minimalist Look For CBD Packaging

If you want your product to look simple, decent, and minimalist, then opting for matte coating is your best option. The matte coating looks very elegant as it does not reflect light, making it more formal and adorable.  It is also vital for your product as it reflects light and protects the interior from extra heat, moisture, and eventual degradation of product quality. Just place the order and get your matte-coated CBD  tincture boxes delivered to your home and office within a reasonable time frame.

Glossy Coating: Enhance Customized CBD Boxes

We also provide a glossy coating for your custom CBD packaging. This coating is widely used in the U.S retail market from cosmetics to electronic gadgets. After a glossy coating, your product will have a shiny, bright, polished, and sentient outlook. The glossy coating gives an additional layer on the front and rear of the box which will render its colors more vibrant coupled with an added layer of protection against scratches.  

Spot UV Coating: Enhanced Glossiness For CBD Packaging

Spot UV is an expert in providing improved glossiness to product boxes. It is being popularly used in the retail markets from invitation cards to packaging of all types of small and medium-size products. Boxo Packaging’s deluxe printing machinery provides a unique and exceptional varnish to your CBD packaging boxes

Spot UV would, therefore, offer you a decent way to exhibit your product in the highly competitive retail markets of the U.S. This type of coating highlights your product’s contrasting colors, complementing designs, blending patterns, and enchanting colors. As a result of shining contrasts and colors, a customer would get an idea of the care and depth which the product has undergone throughout the manufacturing process, making it precious for every eye with CBD display packaging boxes.

Our Extra Add-Ons For Your CBD Boxes:

Want To Explore More Options At Boxo Packaging? After picking a perfect material and a fine coating, giving your product the necessary add-ons are also essential for making it look complete with every single bit of nuance. Boxo Packaging offers you the following variety of adds-on for your custom CBD box packaging:

Embossing: Make Your Message More Visible

Embossing is a method in which messages, designs, or images are raised up from the box. It is a widely used process and a technique of marketing in the U.S. You can find samples of embossing on your everyday household products’ boxes, such as soap, shampoo, cards, watches, and other boxes. Embossing enhances the overall look of your CBD packaging. It will equip your product with the necessary elements of presentation in a bid to leave all other products behind in the market competition.

Debossing: A Classical Look To Your CBD Packaging

Debossing is the opposite process of embossing. It involves custom cbd boxes with logo, text, stamping, image, or any other design below the surface of your box.  It is one of the classic and traditional ways of advertising your products in the retail market. 

Debossing makes your CBD Packaging more celebratory and gives it a classy look. To that end, Boxo Packaging, offers Custom CBD Packaging having advanced printing machinery that is matchless in providing our clients one of the best debossing services in the market at reasonable and affordable prices.

Foiling: The Impressive Finishing 

Foiling is a packaging technique in which with the help of pressure, heat, and UV gloss a thin metal foil is printed on the paper. This technique is generally very effective in leaving a long-lasting and memorable impression on the customer with its glittering color and shining. Boxo Packaging will provide the perfect finish to your boxes with our world-class foiling machinery, technique, and experienced staff. If you desire to enhance the printing design for your custom printed cbd boxes and give a shiny silver, golden, or any other premium finishing foiling, then you are at the right place where you will get your CBD packaging wholesale. We would make your product shine as a start in the U.S retail market.

Free 2D And 3D Mockup For Custom CBD Packaging

2D stands for two-dimensional and 3D for the three-dimensional image. It is a commonly used add-on that gives enhanced features to your custom CBD packaging. In 2D mockup, there is only height and width in the design and no depth. However, in the 3D mockup, you will get a full look at 3D dimensional reality printed on your boxes. What is more surprising is that Boxo Packaging provides this service free of cost; so, feel free to place your order and get custom printed cbd boxes in no time.

Competitive Designs

As a matter of fact, customers rigorously search for a finely packed product among the wide variety of products in the market. Only a unique and eye-catching configuration can increase your customers. Hence, contact us no matter what your product is, be it food items, medicines, electronic gadgets and cosmetics, etc. 

To that end, we offer you numerous designs, configurations, patterns, styles, and adds-on for your product. box from which you can choose your own style and taste. We are custom cbd boxes wholesale supplier in the U.S. So, hurry up and get your customized cardboard boxes delivered to your doorsteps. 

Economically Viable CBD Boxes

Boxo Packaging offers its customers reasonable and affordable services to ensure that our clients maximize their profit margins while spending the least on product manufacturing. Being a competitive Custom CBD packaging supplier, prices are in line with market competition and takes into account clients' concerns regarding limited pools of money for production. Therefore, choosing us would benefit you as much as possible. Contact our 24/7 customer service to place your order.

Free of Cost Delivery to your Doorsteps

Forget to spend extra money on your shipping expenses. Since customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we offer a free-of-cost delivery at your doorsteps. All this within a reasonable time frame that is within 6 to 8 business days.

A Free Physical Sample On Request

Boxo Packaging considers its clients valuable, hence, their satisfaction is the company's utmost priority. To ensure transparency and client trust, we offer them free-of-cost physical samples so that our clients can actually feel, look and sense our finest quality Custom CBD packaging. First, get satisfied with the quality, and then feel free to place your order. Contact our staff and get access to world-class CBD packaging wholesale. The company will deliver you a physical sample in order to give you a better idea of our packaging material, coating, and adds-on.


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