Our Prepress Quality Checklist
Our prepress quality checklist includes:
  • Text and image safety check
  • Bleeds and cut lines check
  • Size compatibility
  • Resolution in 300 DPI
  • Borders check
  • Appropriate color options
  • Eliminate double-crop marks
  • Eliminate key lines (holding lines)
  • Convert to Rich Black
  • Dropouts check
  • Watermark removal
  • Illegal images check
  • Check for proper orientation
  • Perforation and score safety check
  • Hole drill placement check
  • Indicia confirmation
  • Mailing area guidelines
  • Image centering
  • .FPO file check
  • Convert 400% ink coverage
How to ensure premium print quality

A quality control checklist is imperative for digital printing and offset printing, but there are other quality control procedures in the printing industry you should follow. Besides our 20-point checklist, you can take the following steps to ensure high-quality printing.

Export print-ready artwork

No matter what software you use for graphic design – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw,
understanding how to properly export your artwork for offset and digital presses is best practice. A good prepress checklist for graphic designers incorporates software-specific steps.

These artwork checklists for designers will help you prepare print-ready files:
  • Illustrator printing checklist
  • Photoshop printing checklist
  • CorelDraw PDF printing guide
Keep in mind that preflight and prepress are two different processes:

This is the process by which a job is checked for technical errors such as font conflicts and missing graphic links. It typically involves running files through preflight software. Preflight is part of the broader prepress process.


This is the term given to multiple steps completed by the printer to prepare artwork for press printing. Those steps include typesetting, color correcting, production planning, preflighting, proofing, and offset plating, among others.

No matter how much prepress printing knowledge you have, an oversimplified view might be to say preflight checks file quality, while prepress is the process of preparing artwork to be printed. BOXO Packaging’s process is a combination of a prepress preflight checklist – a complete print preproduction checklist. In some cases, you can export your file in its native format; though it’s typically best to export artwork in a high-quality PDF.