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CBD and Vape Cartridges sales are skyrocketing because of their innovative, convenient design and top quality flavor, but you are not taking into account the vape cartridge packaging. We have to consider the cartridge box customization and legally binding aspects of the printing.Even if you are not giving the design much thought there is a legal requirement that all CBD and vape boxes have to adhere to.Vape cartridges have been on the upwards trend since a number of states legalized cannabis for recreational use in the past few years. It is still frowned upon in some societies but many areas have openly accepted it. 



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Maximum 12MB File Size
Custom Sizes Custom Sizes
Starting With 50 Boxes Starting With 50 Boxes
Full Colour Printing Full Colour Printing
Free Digital Proofs Free Digital Proofs
100% Recycleable 100% Recycleable
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance


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