CBD Packaging: A Choosing Guide for your Company
CBD Packaging: A Choosing Guide for your Company

A lot of businesses out there need custom CBD boxes for different products that are made from cannabidiol. Such products need specialized packaging services to ensure quality as well as to retain the properties of the active ingredient.

Some of the different CBD packaging that Boxo Packaging particularly deals in include the following:

CBD Gummies Packaging Boxes

The gummies packaging boxes are very carefully printed and are made more attractive and appealing by their unique design.

CBD Lip Balm Packaging Boxes

The lip balm boxes are also customized to contain the product perfectly within the packaging box. It can be a pencil packaging box or a small-sized square box to contain the balm.

CBD Pet Products Boxes

Different ped products, including serums, oils, or food products, are packaged into cardboard boxes. They are custom printed with your logo on the front.

Hemp Extract and CBD Oil Boxes

Custom CBD oil boxes and hemp extract boxes are vertical boxes to contain the oil bottle. They are custom printed with your logo or other instructions or ingredients that are necessary.

Hemp Face Cream or Topical CBD Boxes

Depending upon the size and shape of your cream’s container, you have two options – either you can get a vertical packaging box or a square packaging box to help you package the product safely.

Hemp and CBD Serum Boxes

The serum boxes are similar to the tincture boxes. They are perfect for keeping the serum containers or bottles.

Hemp Soap Boxes

Just like ordinary soapboxes, they have a transparent plastic sheet to help see the color and overall look of the soap.

Marijuana Packaging Boxes

The marijuana packaging boxes are just like the cigarette boxes with customized printing and logo as per your choice and company’s requirements.

Pre-roll Packaging Boxes

The pre-roll packaging boxes are enclosed cases that you can drag to take out and push in. These contain the pre-rolls and are easy to carry around.

Tincture Bottle Packaging Boxes

Boxo Packaging offers the best custom CBD tincture boxes in vertical shape. They tend to keep the bottle safe from jerks and jolts as well as spilling.